The story of how a homeless sick man with no hair became a handsome white man.

The story of how a homeless sick man with no hair became a handsome white man.

There are no places in the world where you can meet a stray dog. Bali is no exception. Here animals are starving, wandering the streets in search of food, shivering in the rain or suffering from the heat. They all really want to find shelter, but not every dog ​​manages to do so. The hero of our publication, named Gomer, was lucky: he met good people on his life’s path.

Scared and sick

It all started when a certain man noticed the animal. His name was Aaron, and he noticed a big dog wandering through the streets. There was almost no fur on the animal’s body, and there were wounds on the skin. The long claws grew so long that the poor thing found it uncomfortable to even move. The dog looked at Aaron with unhappy eyes, and the passerby realized that he couldn’t just leave. “No one stopped to kill her,” the man later said, but everything depended only on Aaron.

At first he wanted to approach the dog, but he was scared. Gomer wasn’t aggressive, he just didn’t believe in kindness. Apparently, he had to deal with human cruelty, but this homeless man could not immediately trust a stranger. Aaron admits that he was worried because he was running near the store, where there was heavy traffic. This means that the poor tramp could be run over at any moment.

Realizing this, the passer-by involved several people who managed to lure the dog to a quieter part of the street so that there would be no threat to his life. Naturally, the main attraction was the food, which the hungry man pounced on without thinking twice. He was very hungry and also in pain due to all the wounds that were on his body.

Homer’s new life

And yet he refused to go into arms, so Aaron turned to the BAWA shelter so that volunteers would take the poor fellow. A local organization for the rescue of stray animals did not ignore the man’s request, and the specialists took him to their place. Soon Gomer was taken to the veterinarian , where it turned out that the pet had cancer, and Aaron paid for his treatment.

All this time the man did not leave his side. He visited him in the hospital, and after a few weeks the dog began to trust his rescuer. Homer even allowed himself to be stroked, no longer afraid of Aaron. Three months passed, and he overcame cancer. His fur gradually began to grow back. It became clear that Gother is a large white handsome man who has a kind heart and is ready to be someone’s pet.

When all the troubles were over, Aaron contacted his friend, who happily agreed to take Gomer into her home. The woman really liked his handsome and kind man, and now they are inseparable. True, Gomer was given a different nickname, and now his name is Nungki. He is happy, well-fed, satisfied with life, and you can often see a joyful “smile” on his face.

As for Aaron, the man is very glad that he was able to marry the dog. It would be wonderful if in the life of every wandering person he met a kind-hearted person like Aaron!



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