The online community laughed happily at this dog’s “dead” sleeping position.

The online community laughed happily at this dog’s “dead” sleeping position.

Meet Paningning, a Shih Tzu puppy who is stealing the hearts of the Internet, not because of his adorable face or his unique appearance, but because of his hilarious sleeping positions.

Paningning lives with her owner Janess Cua in the Philippines. She is the youngest of a litter of Cua’s Baobei dog and is the only tricolor of her siblings.

The pup has become a viral internet sensation after his owner shared his photos with the Facebook group Dog Lover Philippines, showing him sleeping on his back like a human with his belly exposed. These photos quickly went viral and his official Instagram page has gained 60,000 followers.

According to Cua, Paningning starts sleeping in this position from birth because it is the way she feels most comfortable, and she never sleeps any other way. “To me, she is a normal puppy who loves to sleep on her back.” Cua said to Bored Panda.

Although in almost all of her photos she appears sleeping, like many puppies, most of the time she is very naughty. She is just a sweet and good-natured puppy who loves to play with her brothers.

Scroll down to enjoy some photos of this sleepy pup. If you like Paningning, follow her on Instagram and don’t forget to share her with your friends and family


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