Lost in turtle territory, hippo regrets being bitten by hundreds of turtles

Lost in turtle territory, hippo regrets being bitten by hundreds of turtles

Hi everyone.

Animals are faster, funnier, cuter and sometimes even smarter than Us humans, so it’s not surprising that there are tons of funny clips with animals all over the internet, and it’s our obligation to share some of them with you.

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Alligators lived long before humans, and they have spent all this time mastering the art of hunting in swamps and rivers and optimizing their every move.

Here’s a great example of that.

Why would you want to walk into the water if you can just slide on your belly?

Magpies are known for stealing shiny things.

This bird decided to take it a step further and steal it to two, even though the initial plan failed.

The bird refused to leave without taking anything.

How did this dog get this height and how’s it standing on two wires?

I got no idea.

Maybe you know something.

Just let me know in the comments.

Sharks are cold-blooded, sharp-toothed sea predators, but they have feelings too.

Moreover, after this clip, you cannot say sharks are bad dancers, taking into account how sharp and deadly their teeth are.

Do you like taking baths?

Someone likes it hot, while someone a bit colder, but nothing compares to the ice bath these otters are taking.

What a joy.

Nothing special here, just a russian guy taking his cat to the vet, but maybe because of the heat or the soul crushing traffic, the cat decides to take a walk instead.

It may seem that this gang of golden retrievers are going to eat this poor kitty, but it turns out they just don’t want their good friend cat to miss the photo shoot.

It’s so fun to watch how they react to the camera and help the Kitty assume the right posture.

The snake sneaked into a police station and tried to attack the man in the chair.

Could it be someone’s sinister plan to get rid of a witness?

It could be, but it failed.

The guy defeated the reptile and even thought about cooking and eating it, together with the police squad.

If you thought that bears are slow and clumsy, you were wrong.

In the wild, the bear can easily outrun any human.

They’re amazing tree climbers too, for example.

This bear’s dexterity could make any cat envy.

Kakoos are sneaky, as you know.

They often drop their eggs into other birds nests because they don’t want to raise their own kids.

This poor bird mom keeps feeding her chick.

That actually looks big enough to swallow her hole, and here’s a bunch of turtles chilling out on the back of this hippo and they’re just radiating the chill vibes.

Their host looks pretty happy too.

It sure looks like the pelican is trying to eat this capybara, but maybe the bird just wants to use its old body’s fur to clean the beak.

They say a cat can slip through wherever it can fit its head, but octopuses are even cooler.

They can even slip through a bottleneck for sure, and this guy decided to abandon the ship through this tiny hole and take a swim in the ocean.

Thanks to its soft body and the absence of bones in it, an octopus can squish itself to a really small size and go through any hole.

When you’re a rabbit being chased after by a hungry bird, what’s the best way to escape?

Change your direction, hide in your hole, maybe try to dodge.

This stuff is for cowards, because you can actually try and jump over the bird.

You know this kind of clips shot by surveillance cams when a gang of thugs are trying to deactivate the camera in public and get caught anyway, while this crab seems to be one of them thugs.

What was he going to film with the stolen Gopro?

This duck knows how to deliver a drumroll.

It should find a bassist, a drummer and a singer and start a band.

When you’re thirsty, you’re ready to do anything for a sip of water.

This cat has uncovered the devilish secret of the humans and got access to water for the rest of its nine lives.

And here’s a reminder on why we must not pollute seas and oceans.

This cute little octopus thinks a plastic cup can protect it from the dangers of the sea.

It’s good to see that in the end it agrees to move into this nice hard shell found by a diver.

And here’s how you look like when you don’t get what you want.


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