“Logan’s Journey: An Account of the Poorly Abandoned and Tortured Shelter Dogs’ Resilience and Redemption”

“Logan’s Journey: An Account of the Poorly Abandoned and Tortured Shelter Dogs’ Resilience and Redemption”

Join animal advocate Rocky Kanaka on a heartfelt and authentic journey as he visits scared and lonely shelter dogs, armed with nothing but his iPhone and a deep desire to provide comfort and hope. In this unpretentious series, Rocky quietly sits with these homeless dogs, capturing their stories and unique personalities. Through the simplicity of his approach, he aims to shed light on the challenges they face and help them find loving homes. Experience the power of genuine connection and the transformative impact it can have on both humans and animals in this sincere exploration of companionship and second chances.

Meet Logan, a cane corso who has had a tumultuous journey in search of a loving home. This gentle giant, along with his sister, was brought to the shelter in a pitiful state – emaciated and lethargic. Sadly, they were owner turn-ins and ended up in the care of Animal Control. While Logan’s sister was fortunate enough to be adopted, he was left behind, yearning for a chance at a new life.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the shelter staff, Logan slowly but surely regained his health. During this time, Rocky kept him company, getting to know the affectionate and down-to-earth side of this lovable dog.

Logan’s first adoption seemed promising, but an unfortunate and dangerous altercation broke out between him and another dominant dog in the household, leading to his return to the shelter. Despite the incident being clearly not Logan’s fault, the previous owner, heartbroken but with no other option, had to make the difficult decision due to the living circumstances and lack of available family or friends to take him in.

Now, the focus is on finding this Cane Corso a permanent home where he can thrive, preferably with a less dominant dog or without other pets.

After a short-lived second adoption, it became apparent that Logan had separation anxiety issues, prompting his return to the shelter once again. This sweet dog had faced disappointment twice, but hope was not lost.

For the third and final time, Logan found his forever home with Shara, Collin, and their five children. Passing his cat test with flying colors and demonstrating responsiveness to the children’s commands, Logan fit right in with his new family. To aid in his smooth transition and ensure a positive experience for everyone, Rocky generously offered them three free training lessons with the esteemed Glenn Massie. Learn more about how to conduct a cat test.

With a sigh of relief and a sense of joy, Rocky witnessed Logan finally settling into his permanent and loving home. This heartwarming tale serves as a reminder of the resilience and enduring spirit of shelter dogs, like Logan, who just need a chance to find their perfect match and a place to call their own.



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