Heartwarming Gesture: Man’s Touching Act of Kindness Brings Water to a Thirsty Street Dog (VIDEO).

Heartwarming Gesture: Man’s Touching Act of Kindness Brings Water to a Thirsty Street Dog (VIDEO).

Every gesture that people make to help an animal speaks of how much they care about them. Puppies and cats are the most common cases of abandonment, which can be seen every day in different parts of the world. And for the same reason it is practically impossible to adopt them all to save them from that ugly reality that they have to live.

Unfortunately, not all people can have an animal in the house. Due to certain rules that they must comply with or because they do not have enough resources to get a larger space. But the little details are just as important.

Examples such as giving a stray animal food, shelter, taking it to a shelter or calling for rescue, are just as valuable as adopting them. This has been demonstrated by an unknown man in a video that has circulated on social networks. Where he can be seen giving water directly from his hands to a stray dog.

Turkish businessman Tansu Yegen shared the video on his Twitter account. Where you can see the man, meeting with more people, and taking water from a public tap to give it to the dog. The one that looked thirsty and was begging with his front paws.

The man put his hands together to collect water, and as soon as he had it ready, he crouched down and carefully approached the puppy so that it would not fall to the ground. The little dog was not long in drinking the water from his hands, nor was it finished, so the man stood up to get more. Another person who was present opened the tap for him. And so he was able to put more together in his hands to continue hydrating the poor puppy who was thirsty. “Animal lovers are a special breed of human being, generous in spirit, full of empathy. Perhaps a bit prone to sentimentality and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky,” Tansu wrote on Twitter. Quoting the American writer and journalist John Grogan.

Users of the social network have appreciated the man’s gesture for spending part of his time helping a puppy that really needed it. “It’s always really special when people help animals, even if it just helps them drink water,” one of them said in the post. That he has already accumulated more than 100 thousand reproductions. “God bless that man,” someone commented among other responses of thanks. An example worth imitating.

Below you can see the video where this good man is seen giving water to the poor little dog who was thirsty:


Share this video with his friends and family. So that more people take the example of helping these poor animals that are not lucky enough to have a home, and must face the lack of food and water.


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