After 5 years apart, a womaп aпd her pet dog shared a sweet momeпt after meetiпg each other.

After 5 years apart, a womaп aпd her pet dog shared a sweet momeпt after meetiпg each other.
After 9 years of abandoning his super dog, he embraces him again in an emotional reunion.

Only those who have a pet and love her as a member of the family are afraid of the idea of ​​handing her over to her pet, or the possibility that she will suddenly disappear.

In 2011, Maya, a chihuahua from Silʋia, resident in Latina, Italy, disappeared without leaving a trace. For a long time, the woman tried to take her back home, but, however, the searches ended in vain.

Silʋia never imagined that she would see Maya again.

Silʋia could not know if her beloved dog had escaped or, on the streets, a misfortune had happened. She was so fearful, so small… Imagine all the dapɡes that a Chihuahua could run around wandering around for her luck! As the days passed, the desperation of Maya’s mother grew.

As the wait to hear from Maya lengthened and passed over the years, Silia lost all hope. It was evident that something terrible had happened and she, to console herself, clung to the idea that the dog had found a new home.

Luego, at the beginning of August 2019, a miracle was produced: they will find the dog.

The news was reported for the first time by the editors of Tgcoм24. In one report they narrated the whole story and showed the emotional relationship between the dog and his.

The fascinating thing about this anecdote is that the Norsaa di Latina environmental regulatory team worked tirelessly despite the logistical difficulties of this meeting.

The key track was the recognition chip with which Maya was equipped. Even though I had the device, the contact number provided at the time of uploading the data to the dog records office was not active after so long.

With a little investigation, Norsa’s operators were able to track the woman’s new direction and call immediately to recover the animal.

When Silʋia heard that Maya was still alive and returned to her, she felt emotional, happy, but at the same time in disbelief, at least until she saw that she could hug her.

The pain and sadness experienced in those years disappeared in an instant, dissolved between tears and hugs.

Now the dog is 10 years old. It’s not the same thing that Silʋia did once, but the bond of love between her and their dueño has remained intact.

This is a story that shows us, like many others, that the love for pets is real and is never forced.


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