A homeless man shares his life with a dog he met on the streets who ends up being his lifelong best friend.

A homeless man shares his life with a dog he met on the streets who ends up being his lifelong best friend.
It really is a heartwarming yet bittersweet thing that the people who don’t have any materialistic possessions, wealth, and comfortable lives are the ones who would most often make sure that they help others in need. Indeed, it’s ironic how the wealthiest people are often the greediest ones, while the homeless ones we see on the streets are always the ones who are willing to lend a hand, especially to those inferior to them.Even if the world seems to turn its back on them, homeless people always find reasons to smile. Not that in any way we are romanticizing it, but it’s truly admirable for them to keep on going even if life may seem hopeless for them.This Man And Dog Were Homeless At The Same Time — But Found Each Other - The Dodo

Good thing they are always persevering to live, though, because there is always a blessing just waiting around the corner. It may be in a form of a person who wants to help them live another decent chance at life, or it may be in a form of a little fella with four feet and a waggy tail.

No matter how harsh or cruel the world may be, you can always count on people, even the ones without homes, to care for animals that they made a connection with while enduring the hard life.

John Hwang

A photographer, John Hwang, noticed the heartwarming pair and was immediately in awe of their unique and wholesome friendship. “He surely shares the entirety with him, and they go in all places together,” John said.

John Hwang

Later on, John grew pretty close to Marcus and even saw him as a brother. They often catch up with each other through text messaging.

Fortunately, Marcus’s homeless days have been somewhat improved when he received a permit for government-subsidized housing in Skid Row. It was a tiny room with a shared bathroom, but it was definitely a lot better than spending his days and nights on the street.

John Hwang

Of course, Pickles wasn’t left out. Marcus made sure that they would live together in the small room, and being together is all that matters for the both of them.

After the pair settled into their new home, John decided to pay them a visit. Marcus was not aware of John’s arrival, but when he came, the pair greeted him warmly.

“(Marcus) has this huge smile on his face and expressed to Maine ‘I had this sense I had to return downstairs, and right here you’re.’ Then we have a tendency to offer each completely different an oversized hug,” John said.

John Hwang

Much to John’s surprise, most of the space was actually dedicated to Pickles, as wished by Marcus.

John already knew Marcus had a special relationship with the canine, however, he didn’t think that the man would truly go to great lengths just to make his buddy happy.

“I noticed the mattress leaning up in opposition to the wall unused,” he continued. “On the ground used to be the canine bed, a canine bowl for meals and water, and a bunch of blankets strewn out.”

“The blankets and the canine mattress have been essentially one large pile. There used to be no canine area or man or woman section, it was simply one massive jumble of blankets and canine bed.”

John Hwang

Marcus was perfectly fine to sleep on the floor. As long as he and his best buddy are together under the same roof, nothing else really matters to him.

“There is not something I wouldn’t do for him,” Marcus said.

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