A brave rescue dog found an old deaf dog stuck in mud for 2 days in the deep forest.

A brave rescue dog found an old deaf dog stuck in mud for 2 days in the deep forest.

This lost dog was stuck in the mud for two days, but search and rescue dog Tino found him.

This is the adorable moment a search and rescue dog found an older dog who had been stuck in the mud for two days. The Great Pyrenees named Puppy accompanied Karen James on a horseback ride on Thursday afternoon and disappeared along the way.

Tino, is the name of the German Shepherd dog who found the lost dog.

Two years ago, a pregnant German Shepherd named Salma was found wandering alone in the woods of Washington state. Jim Branson, founder of Useless Bay Sanctuary, a rescue center for dogs, took care of her. The next day she gave birth to a dog, which they named ‘Valentino’ or ‘Tino’.

Salma and her puppy

Little did Tino know it at the time, but one day he would return to the forest, this time to rescue another lost dog in need.

Salma and Valentino

As Tino grew older, he began accompanying other dogs to search and rescue training classes, and soon Jim realized he had a knack for it.


Dog saves another dog stuck in mud for 2 days

He would come to the other dogs’ training days, and we assessed him at 5 months. He tested well and started training. He found the lost dog every time during his training sessions.

Jim adopted Tino, and after 16 months of training, he became a full member of Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue.

puppy Valentino

After going two days without being able to find Puppy, Karen called Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue for help.

Tino running

So, when Jim got the call that an 11-year-old deaf dog was missing, he knew the perfect dog for the job.

trained puppy

That’s when Tino, was sent into the woods on Saturday and managed to find Puppy stuck in a muddy ravine less than a mile from his home.

dog in the mud

Tino finds the lost dog

The moving footage shows the frightened dog covered in thick mud as Tino sits, showing his triumphant rescue.

dog rescue

I couldn’t get out of the mud. We wouldn’t have seen it because it was quite far off the trail. And you know there are miles and miles, acres and acres of wilderness to explore. We would never have found him.

rescued dog

Jim said:

When we first saw Puppy, it was hard to understand what we were seeing because two-thirds of him was submerged in mud. Tino barked at this strange swamp monster for a while until he ‘ he realizes it was a dog.


It took three people to pull the 150-pound dog out of the pit using ropes, according to a Facebook post:

At first his legs weren’t working, probably because he’d been stuck in cold mud for hours. The woods continue for many miles and Puppy’s family might not have found him without him. help of a search dog.

Puppy in the mud
dog rescued

The dog was transported in a cart to his home where he was welcomed by his family.


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