World Heart Day: These factors including mental stress, vehicular fumes are responsible for heart disease..!

World Heart Day: These factors including mental stress, vehicular fumes are responsible for heart disease..!

Many of which stemmed from Covid-19. Considering that cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death across the world, including India, doctors have expressed concern about changes in several risk factors for cardiac problems. When World Heart Day is celebrated on September 29 every year..

Director of Cardiology Services, Apollo CVHF Heart Institute, Ahmadabad, Dr. Sameer Dani informed about top five trends in cardiovascular disease and its prevention.

1 Covid-19 and CVD 

Cases of heart attack have increased in Covid-19 patients despite having little or no risk factors (diabetes, cholesterol or hypertension etc). Covid-19 has changed the spectrum of heart disease. In angioplasty patients with 10-20 percent blockage, after Kovid-19 the blockage increased to 90 percent despite regular medication.

2. Impact of air and food pollution

Living near highways or exposed to vehicle fumes increases the risk of developing heart disease. Inflammation caused by air pollution and processed foods attract lipids, which cause blockages. Consuming processed foods such as fats, starches, added sugars and hydrogenated fats can also affect heart health.

3. Focus on Preventive Research 

Dr. Dani said that earlier the treatment of diabetes was to control sugar to prevent heart disease. This type of approach has also been adopted to treat cholesterol. Now the approach is that treatment for diabetes can reduce the risk of heart disease in addition to keeping the sugar under control.

Many studies have shown that blockages in the heart can be reversed. Treatment is taking a backseat to the level of research in CVD and more attention is being paid to prevention, which focuses on reducing risk factors such as diabetes, obesity, cholesterol and hypertension. 

4. High lipoprotein levels

Dr. When Lp(a) levels are high in the blood, it starts to attach to the walls of the arteries, eventually blocking them and causing a stroke, Dani said. In addition to the usual risk factors, a study also looked at the level of small lipoprotein (LP). Indians have higher levels of this protein and therefore have a higher risk of CVD. 

Individuals experiencing prolonged stress, anxiety and depression experience high blood pressure and increased heart rate. Blood pressure and cholesterol are easy to quantify, but stress is very difficult to quantify. Which gives everyone an opportunity to think about how to best use the heart for humanity, nature and yourself.

Dr. Dani said that the theme of World Heart Day 2022 is Use Heart for Every Heart. It is very important to fight cardiovascular disease with every heartbeat. The heart is associated with feelings, emotion, love, empathy and compassion. It is not only the responsibility of health professionals or the government to spread awareness about it.

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