Venus will enter Libra, the luck of these 3 zodiac signs will shine, there will be huge wealth..!

Venus will enter Libra, the luck of these 3 zodiac signs will shine, there will be huge wealth..!

The time of Rashi change of each planet is mentioned. The movement of these planets affects all the zodiac signs. On October 18, 2022, the planet Venus will change sign and enter its own sign Libra. Before Diwali of the year 2022, transiting Venus will bring wealth and prosperity to the natives of the 3 zodiac signs.

According to the Hindu calendar, the eighth month of the year is the month of Kartik. Kartik month begins after Aso month.  This year the month of Kartik begins on October 25.  Many major festivals of the year are celebrated in this month. In Hinduism, the month of Karthik is considered to be extremely sacred and a month of worship. 

Worship of Lord Vishnu and Tulsi is of special importance in this month. Also, there is peace and happiness in the house. Whereas, in this month, a person gets salvation by floating a lamp in the river. This is similar to bathing with milk. Also, happiness and prosperity are attained on earth. 

The special importance of worshiping Lakshmi in the month of Kartik is stated. Recitation of Kanakadhara Stotra, Lakshmi Stotra and Vishnu Stotra are of great importance in this month.  Be sure to include tulsi leaves in the offering to Lord Vishnu. t is said that by doing this one gets a place in the Uttam Lok after death. 

It is also considered auspicious to perform a Tulsi wedding on the Agiyaras of Devprabodhi, which falls in the month of Kartik. Tulsi with milk in water, the grace of Mother Lakshmi is obtained. Ghee lamp should be lit in the morning and evening. If it is not possible to go to the river, one should take a bath mixed with Ganga water at home. 

Virgo :- Unexpected money may surprise you. People whose work is related to speaking – marketing, teaching, anchoring, politics etc. can benefit a lot. This time will bring special benefits for these people. Transit of Venus in Libra will bring tremendous benefits to Virgo natives in career and business. The natives of this zodiac will also get financial benefits.

Sagittarius :- They are likely to get success. Investments can be profitable. During this time you will get full support from Bhagya. Those associated with media, glamour, fashion designing will get special benefits. The transit of Venus will prove to be extremely auspicious for the Sagittarius natives. Financial condition will be strengthened along with financial gain.

Capricorn :-  A new job can be found. Promotion – Increment is a strong reason to get. Can buy house – car. It is a good time for investment. Venus entry into Swarashi Libra will benefit Capricorn natives. He will get success in every work. You will get full support from Bhagya.

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