These 3 zodiac signs will benefit on the first day of the week, Mother Lakshmi will be happy..!

These 3 zodiac signs will benefit on the first day of the week, Mother Lakshmi will be happy..!

Today is Pratipada date and Monday of Kartik Krishna Paksha. The month of Kartik is starting from today.  Pratipada date will cross the whole day of today and will remain till 1.38 am late at night. Vyaghat Yoga will remain till 4.43 pm today. Also, today Revati Nakshatra will remain till 4:2 pm in the evening.

If you are thinking of starting a new business today, then definitely discuss with your parents. Today will be beneficial for you. A businessman of this amount will suddenly get money from somewhere. Your financial condition will be fine. Don’t be in a hurry to do any work today. Come out with sandalwood tilak, all your work will be done. 

Taurus:- Today will be a satisfactory day for the students of this zodiac.Luck will support you on this day. Which will prove to be beneficial for you, as well as you will feel like working today.  If you are planning to take a new land, then definitely do a thorough investigation. 

Cancer:- Today will be a normal day. But with the help of experienced seniors, you will get some relief. You will be troubled by the ups and downs in your career. While walking on the road, cross the road keeping in mind the traffic rules.  Feeding food to the needy will give you peace of mind.

Gemini :- Today your day will be favorable for you. Today you will get some big responsibility which you will fulfill well. Today is a good day for the lovemate of this zodiac. Today many people around will give you advice to complete the work… This will keep you safe from the mistakes of others.

Virgo :-  Today there will be improvement in bad relations with friends due to the mistake made earlier. Today your day will be full of confidence. You can be awarded for work in the office.. so go to office hours… otherwise it can have a bad effect on your image. Today we will plan for dinner somewhere with family members.

Scorpio :- Today your day has brought new happiness for you. Today the thought work will be completed … due to which the economic situation will improve a lot. Your fickle nature can create some trouble for you….it will be better, you listen to the opinion of elders and listen to them.

Pisces :- Today your day will be spent in traveling. The business class of this zodiac will suddenly get some big benefit today… Your business will increase four times. All the members of the family will get happiness. Do not get angry on any member of the house without reason. Dinner can be planned for a night out with the kids.

Sarika Patel

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