Learn two important signs of a brain tumor, so don’t mistake a headache for a normal headache.

Learn two important signs of a brain tumor, so don’t mistake a headache for a normal headache.

It should be understood that every brain cancer is a tumor, but not every tumor is a cancer tumor. Our body is made up of more than one hundred million cells. All types of cancer affect cells. Any cancer starts with a single cell or small group of cells.  There are about 130 types of it…

Many people nowadays are diagnosed with brain tumor which is caused by abnormal growth of cells in the brain. After some tumors (lumps) cancer can also occur. The headache it causes is considered a normal headache. It should be avoided.  Among them, brain tumor in meninges can become cancer.

It grows rapidly and attacks the brain.  It damages some part of the brain it also shrinks the brain. It has serious consequences. Meningioma, vestibular, anoma, and pituitary adenoma are benign tumors. A normal tumor grows slowly. This brain cancer can be life-threatening. 

Occurring in the brain or its surrounding area, these malignant tumors are neuroblastoma, ondrosarcoma, or medulloblastoma. Brain tumor symptoms are as follows. Blurred vision,  Hand- Tingling in feet, Persistent severe headache,  Dizziness, Vomiting, Deficiency in taste and smell, Pain also in chest, Difficulty in speaking, Difficulty in memory.

Early symptoms of brain cancer in children:- Extreme thirst, Dizziness, Fatigue, Abnormal head position, Loss of appetite, Blurred vision, loss of taste and smell, Frequent urination, Lack of co-ordination, Chest pain. Pain, Persistent or severe headache. If such symptoms or one or two of them appear and persist for a long time, consult a doctor immediately

Also remember that now cancer does not mean ‘Cancel’. If proper treatment is done from the beginning, it can be cured. Don’t forget that one of our famous cricketers has beaten cancer and returned to the final eleven, scoring huge runs in defeating rival teams.

Sarika Patel

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