Don’t keep this thing in the cupboard of your house even by mistake, otherwise financial shortage will not leave you..!

Don’t keep this thing in the cupboard of your house even by mistake, otherwise financial shortage will not leave you..!

Money is a very necessary thing in today’s times. If money is in your pocket, you become confident. This is the reason why a person works day and night for his earnings. Most people prefer to save money after earning. In such a situation, people save this money in the house vault or cupboard apart from the bank.

In such a situation, do you know that if you keep certain things inside the cupboard, your house blessing can be reduced. You may have crores of rupees in the bank, but some money will have to be kept in the cupboard or vault of the house to maintain Barakat. Many people also prefer to keep jewelery locked in it.torn clothes.

Your luck may betray you in money matters. Simply put, Goddess Lakshmi, the mother of wealth, may leave your home. So don’t keep these four items in the cupboard.

Dirty clothes:- Clean and washed clothes should always be kept in the cupboard of the house. Dirty and dirty clothes should not be kept in the closet. These dirty clothes generate a lot of negative energy. Due to this bad energy, the money kept in the cupboard is also negatively affected.

It starts to cost quickly. Mata Lakshmi does not even come near him due to the increase in dirty clothes. So always avoid keeping dirty and smelly clothes in the cupboard.

Torn clothes:- Many people leave torn old clothes lying around for months or years. This also invites poverty. So it is better to sew the torn clothes or put them somewhere else. If clothes get too old, don’t keep them in the money closet. These items can be kept in another cupboard or box.

Dust, dirt and cobwebs :- As you all know that Lakshmi in goddess of wealth always likes to visit clean houses and places. Always clean the cupboards or safes of the house. Do not allow soil, dust or cobwebs to accumulate in it, even by mistake.

So you should take special care to clean the cupboards of your house, otherwise these things can also cause your poverty. It increases negative energy which Lakshmi doesn’t like at all.

Black money:- Do not place anything black around where you keep money in the cupboard. For example, don’t accidentally keep money or jewelry in dark clothes or purses. So wrap your jewelery and money in red or yellow cloth as much as possible and keep it locked in a cupboard or safe.

This black color does not allow money to grow. Black color also has more negative energy. This increases the chances of your wealth increasing.

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