Body language expert Shahid kapoor and Mira Kapoor relationship..!

Body language expert Shahid kapoor and Mira Kapoor relationship..!

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput proved that to make a marriage work, age difference doesn’t matter. To understand more about the couple, we asked renowned body language expert and astrologer,Pandit Jagannath Guruji who deeply analyzed a viral photo of Shahid..

and Mira, highlighting several aspects of their lives through his expertise. Scroll down to read more. So is the case with Shahid-Mira’s photograph. A picture always has the tendency not only to express details about individuals’ body postures but also depict a lot about their personalities as well.

Pandit Jagannath Guruji shares, “The first noticeable thing that I want to reveal after going through their photograph is they possess an eternal bond with each other, displaying a divine and never-ending love for each other. The couple shows no signs of ego clashes or misunderstandings which is what makes a relationship special and beautiful.

Also, it’s crystal clear that this couple shares a good and thick bond with each other, making them an ideal match blessed from heaven”. Especially for an actor, marrying an outsider is always a special thing and that clearly reflects here. Also, the couple is very confident in their life, especially Shahid,

which is going to help him succeed both in his personal and professional life without any flaws. In fact, their protective nature for each other can easily be withdrawn from this image which furthermore explains the amount of change Mira has positively brought into Shahid’s life. 

Especially while looking at Mira, it won’t be wrong to say that she herself looks up to Shahid,” adds Guruji. Guruji further explains, “Analyzing their hand and feet posture, both Shahid and Mira share an excellent bond with their kids and in-laws that safe-locks love and happiness for the duo.

Shahid and Mira’s Venus are perfectly healthy, strong, and aligned which will unveil more love and happiness from their family side. While Shahid is an easy-going person showcasing attributes like dedication and morally practical, Mira on the other hand is quite sentimental, attached, and depicts a caring nature.

Sarika Patel

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