After the last rites, the daughter was found alive, the father said – my daughter died for me

After the last rites, the daughter was found alive, the father said – my daughter died for me

A dead body of a girl was found in Gorakhpur city. The body of this woman was of the same height and age as that of missing girl Shikha Dubey, who hails from Kamleshpuram Colony area of ​​Engineering College. Shikha’s father was called to identify the body. Everyone assumed this was a corpse crest. Father Ram Prakash Dubey,

who was overwhelmed by the grief of his daughter’s death, performed the last rites of his daughter. This year is 2011. The police-media called the incident Shikha Dube massacre. After the complaint was registered, the police started its investigation.

Suspecting Deepu who lived in his neighborhood, the father filed a case of murder. But some days after his death suddenly Shikha Dubey came out alive one day and the father fainted. The police received news from their informers that Deepu was hiding in Sonbhadra.

But what the police team saw after reaching Dipu to arrest him was surprising. In Sonbhadra, the police found not only Deepu but also Shikha alive. Gorakhpur DIG Mukesh Babu Shukla was also surprised to hear the story revealed in the police interrogation.

But the main character of this story is Shikha (23) and neighbor Dipu (26) when Deepu sees Shikha for the first time, spark of love erupts in both hearts. But her family was not ready for her marriage, so she set a perfect trap. When the police team brought Shikha back alive, the DIG was convinced that Shikha was indeed alive.

There were five people in this incredibly exciting story. Dipu and Shikha hatch a dangerous plot to escape from the house to become one and escape the chaos in the house. Both decide to kill a tall woman like Shikha and give Shikha’s identity. Apart from Deepu and Shikha, the third character in this plot was Sugriva (35).

Under the conspiracy Deepu-Sugriva brought Pooja to Gorakhpur on the pretext of work. Sugriva was a friend of Deepu. Deepu had a transport business. He always went gold in business. Deepu saw a girl in Sonbhadra who looked exactly like Shikha. This girl’s name was Pooja.

Pooja also had a three-year-old daughter and was also needy. On June 10, Pooja Sugriva came from Kudaghat in a truck. On the other hand Shikha runs away from her house with Deepu and Kusmi reaches the forest. Apart from this, a thread was placed around Pooja’s neck which Shikha always wore. After this, Pooja is killed by the truck itself.

On reaching the forest, these people put Pooja in the truck wearing Shikha’s clothes. The fifth character in this murder, Balaram, a truckman, Balaram was involved in this murder for money. After killing Pooja, everyone together defaces the face of Pooja’s body so that her real identity cannot be found.

After this, they all brought Pooja’s dead body to Singhadia. The police sent Shikha and Deepu to jail, making Deepu the main accused in the murder, now Shikha and Deepu are out on bail. Pooja murder case is still going on in the court..

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