A boy who went fishing found a bundle of notes in the lake, but the whole village is in terror, know the reason..!

A boy who went fishing found a bundle of notes in the lake, but the whole village is in terror, know the reason..!

If someone gets a pack of five hundred and two thousand notes, he will be happy. But in the village of Arad in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh, when a child found a bundle of currency notes inside a pond, panic spread throughout the village. People are trying everything to avoid getting infected.

Meanwhile, the bundling of currency notes is raising public fears. As you all know, at this time there is a Corona situation in the whole of India. On the other hand, the police is also investigating as to who and why these notes were thrown into the pit of the lake.

This is on Monday morning when the son of a black fisherman went fishing in Arad village of Pandhana tehsil of Khandwa district. Here when he threw a net into the lake to catch fish, he found a pack of five hundred and two thousand notes. This was around 20 thousand rupees.

When the police came, they first cleared the notes and then took them into their possession. In such a situation the boy brought the notes to his home and started drying them. Here the boy’s father suspected that the notes might also be fake, so he informed the police about it.

It is being said that something similar happened with this table. Then on Monday morning at 6 o’clock a Tavera car came near the lake. This incident was witnessed by Rushi Kanade who lives in the village. The two people in it threw the bundle into the lake and left. All the villagers were talking about the same bundle of notes.

A few notes were also scattered in the bushes near this pond. When Rushi was taking a morning walk. He did not pay much attention to the incident but when he returned after some time, he was stunned by the scene. Normally, one would be happy if one finds genuine notes of five hundred and two thousand but these notes have put the villagers to sleep.

People doubt that this note is not infected with Corona. In fact, some notes of five hundred rupees were found on the Khandwa road even before this. In such a situation, people were suspicious about corona infection. Who threw these notes and why it has become a big challenge for the police. Is this a crime or negligence?

Currently, the police is investigating this. According to trainee DSP and police station in-charge Ketan H Adlak, we got information about the incident by calling 100 number. A note was said to have been thrown near the lake. Some notes were also burned from the shore when you go and look. The notes have been cleaned and brought to the police station.

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